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Mar. 17th, 2007

about autograph

Lately the most exciting thing is: I got Julian Feitsma's autograph! on 11th this Sunday.
seeDS model management is the best model management in the world! Thanks Miss Fabienne Sauvant! Thanks my idol Julian! and they paid the postage! How nice are they! German efficiency is splendid.
Moreover, I thank Sabrina for helping me sent emails, because right after I asked how can I get Herr Feitsma's autography, I couldn't online due to the modem. Sabrina, you are THE WOMAN! Sabrina is our QUEEN!
Through this matter, I decided to collect more model's autograph.
the postage is really a problem.

Mar. 16th, 2007


Today I went to the capital theatre to watch "Oliver Twist".
This is my first time to watch a drama, and it performed in English, with Chinese subtitles, but the seat we sat was way too far, so the subtitles were not so clear to be seen.....i was dizzy.
I saw some foreign pupils, some wearing uniforms, I thought they came to perform. a few blond kids were really cute! haha
miho said my blog is like a "waste book", what-ever, it's just my style jajaja

Dec. 12th, 2006

If My Lover Was An Alien

Yesterday found that anime song, "If My Lover Was An Alien" of "Mojacko". Here is a download link below. I added the lyrics on, but it's all about Japanese, I don't understand every single word.
At that moment I really like this anime, just as I like "Doraemon". And I found out these two animes both drew by Fujiko F Fujio. btw, there're a number of ppl like this song.

Last Saturday Xi Xi came to see me in my home, she commended several songs to me, I only like "Xi Ju Tian Cai(drama genius)" by Wu Ke Qun. HA! HA! HA!(since I knew Jack the Ripper liked to write this, I began to use this HA HA more often.) "Nan Yong(servant boy)" is ok too, but the rest are harsh.

ps: newspapers I read recently said there's serial killers in UK and USA, they murder prostitute.
psps: imho, Walter Richard Sickert couldn't be Jack the Ripper! Patricia Cornwell is a liar, all is her imagination! First of all, Mr. Sickert was a respectable artist, in despite of he had goddamned genital fistula! Secondly, Mr. Sickert was a beauty with blond hair, I will never believe a handsome guy like him would kill people, especially such a cruel way.

compare Ren Min with Bei Da hospital

Today I went to hospital again. This time I went to Bei Da hospital, and got a card of there, and they took another pipe of my venous blood.......
I went to Ren Min hospital on Nov.30th, you have to wait 30 minutes for the result, at Bei Da you need to wait 1 hour.
Ren Min gives you an adhesive tape, Bei Da gives you a cotton swab.
The inpatient building and outpatient building of Ren Min are better than Bei Da's, though its inpatient building is magnificent.
Of course the staff of these two hospitals are both disgusting, bad attitude, but if you must want to know which is worse, Bei Da is the answer.
The doctor who see me is an expert, LOL expert!!! He wrote my gender as MALE! ha ha ha! Who knows what was he thinking of. Maybe just want to quit his job.
Bejesus! When will I get better? I was sick since Nov. 25th. My mom asked me go to bed at 9 pm. How could I sleep at that time?The other day I didn't fall asleep until 2:30 am, just lying on the bed. Well, being in bed is comfortable.

Dec. 8th, 2006

Dec 8th

I didn't go to school on Thursday, I was sick, even cannot get up.
I haven't attended Granny He's class--Literature Search, and I haven't seen her for 2 weeks. I've kinda missed her..................
I heard from my dear "black tea" QianQian that it was not experiment, just taking notes on her class. I'm so lucky, I have a lot of stuff about description and indexing, but I dare not call Granny He and ask, I even dare not send an email.
But today I went to school when I still have a cold, cos Computer Network Technology had an experiment, no attendance, no mark. haha!
My two webpage got 10 marks, in fact, I didn't do it, my lovely slave's cousin helped us, me, my slave Mei, and Ying. thanks danke merci grazie gracias
Ours are the same, next time I hope he could make 3 different pages, so I don't need to rework.

Dec. 3rd, 2006

a love note to Anne Boleyn

I read a book about letters wrote in Renaissance.
This is a love letter from Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn.
Myne awne Sweetheart, this shall be to advertise you of the great ellingness(loneliness) that I find here since your departing, for I ensure you, me thinketh the Tyme longer since your departing now last than I was wont to do a whole Fortnight; I think your Kindness and my Fervence of Love causeth it, for otherwise I wolde not thought it possible, that for so little a while it should have grieved me, but now that I am comeing toward you, me thinketh my Pains by half released, and also I am right well comforted, insomuch that my Book maketh substantially for my Matter, in writing where of I have spent above IIII Hours this Day, which caused me now to write the shorter Letter to you at this Tyme, because some Payne in my Head, wishing my self (specially an Evening) in my Sweethearts Armes whose pritty Duckys(breasts) I trust shortly to kysse. Writne with the Hand of him that was, is, and shall be yours by his will,
H. R.

Nov. 28th, 2006

Forbidden City

I was off to meet Ele at 7:30am, afterwards we were waiting for the bus standing in the cold wind. Fortunately, we were not late.
After putting on their school uniform, I joined the queue of her classmates, and we went in.
Usually the ticket's price is ¥50/60, I forgot. But it's free for students on Tuesday.
There are so many place doesn't allow people go in, and so many heavy-weight palace are refitting! And they say it will last 19 years, until 2020 it would be done.
And some place, you need to buy another ticket to come in and see.
We didn't walk too much, but I had a pain on my feet, and plus I was sick. Am I too diligent to still visit Forbidden City when I had a fever? Actually I just didn't want to miss this opportunity.

Nov. 27th, 2006

Happy Birthday

Today is my lovely slave Yin Mei's b-day.
I wish her a very happy birthday! Although she is 21, she will be forever young, never grow old, and never die. She will live as long as immortal turtle, she will live until the sun no longer shine, and stars fall from the sky.
Because of fever, I didn't go to school. So I couldn't say to her personally, just sent a short message. And she replied, "haven't been muddleheaded." Watch your attitude, my slave, I'm your master. ha ha ha
Tomorrow has no class, but I'm going to the Forbidden City with Ele! for free! woohoo
Dunno if her teacher would allow me come in.

Nov. 16th, 2006

L'amante anglaise

Finished the book "L'amante anglaise" today. And finally I understand why it names as "English lover" but nothing about English and romance, only murder.
Because that madwoman (called Claire) who killed her cousin (Marie-Thérèse) planted several English mint. But her husband said she used to wrote "la menthe anglaise" as "l'amante en glaise". And she wrongly said "l'amante anglaise" herself.
Now i just wonder, what's difference between English mint and other countries mint?
The rest of the book, just interview, first the barkeeper, second the husband, last the murder. All dialogue, made me dizzy.
*Claire killed her cousin Marie-Thérèse--she was a deaf and dumb woman--then she cut up MT's corpse, and threw them at a railway junction viaduct.

Nov. 6th, 2006


Sabrina sent me a SM, its content below:
There's 9 drink, buy me one, which one would you choose? 
Choices are: green tea, coffee, coke, orangeade, rice water, water, cocktail, milk, and black tea. 
And I sent this short message to 33 people, besides 8 haven't replied, 6 chose green tea, 5 chose orangeade, 5 chose black tea, 3 coke, 3 milk, 2 water, 1 cocktail.
surprised!!! jajaja
What would you choose for me? my friend?

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